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Priya Nath had passed the B.Sc. with a first class, and joined Allahabad University for an M.Sc. in Physics. Pran Nath gave up his studies after the B.Sc., because he was not keeping well. Shri Nathji decided to stay on at Allahabad for two more years till Priya Nath completed his M.Sc.
Shri Nathji had rented the palace at Allahabad from a Raja. The man appeared to be of a devotional nature. Shri Nathji, who always loved everybody, was touched by the Raja’s apparent devotion. The Raja would come and sit at Shri Nath­ji’s feet for many hours, seeking spiritual solace. Once when Shri Nathji blessed him with a long life, he said: Please, Sir, do not curse me with that! A long life would be a burdensome thing!
The Raja would take regular monthly payments of rent from Shri Nathji, but when it came to giving a receipt, he would invariably assume the relationship of a devotee and evade the issue. Time came when it was discovered that the Raja had no right to rent the place out directly, as he had done. The Raja immediately denied that Shri Nathji was a tenant, and said he was a guest. At the same time he began pressing Shri Nathji to leave.
While the Raja was frequently away, his relatives and courtiers lived in the same building as Shri Nathji, and they began harassing Shri Nathji so that he would leave the house. They would switch off the elec­tricity at odd hours of the day and night. They had gathered together a large group of hired men who would sit in front of Shri Nathji’s chambers, guns and sticks in hand. The situation reached a climax one night when these persons made an attempt to break into Shri Nathji’s chambers and to force Shri Nathji into leaving.
Chaman Lal Magoo, who had been very concerned about the events at Shri Nathji’s residence, was sleeping on the premises. When the large group of armed men swarmed around Shri Nathji’s chambers he lept into their midst, single-handed and unarmed.
The strength of Hanuman appeared to come into his body as he sought to protect his Lord and Master. Shri Nathji emerged out into the open to save his devotee. Mateshwari also came out, along with Pran Nath and Priya Nath.
Shri Nathji’s presence produced a hush over the assembled group. Shri Nathji spotted the Raja’s relatives and courtiers and spoke to them in the dark­ness of the night. Apparently they were not in a listening mood. Shri Chaman Lal’s life was in danger. Mateshwari spoke angry words to the crowd, but it would not be quietened.
Priya Nath realised the delicate situation. He had to get help. He went to the back of the house and from there ran with all the speed at his disposal, through dark paths, hedges and pits along the road. He reached the house of Captain Niranjan Singh which was but a short distance away, and awakened him, and told him how Shri Nathji was surrounded by a large and hostile armed group. He asked the Captain to bring the police, and immediately thereafter returned to Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji had kept the armed group at bay through the use of his divine power but the situation was still tense.
And then the army converged upon the house! Captain Niranjan Singh arrived on the scene with a truckful of armymen, as well as the police.
The armed group disappeared into the night. Their attempt to dislodge Shri Nathji through force had failed. But Shri Nathji would not stay in the house a day longer. He did not take any legal action against the antagonists either. Instead, he quietly shifted to another residence, Cavendish Hotel, at Elgin Road.