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And thus it was that on the 7th of March 1959, Shri Nathji arrived at Jabalpur.
Chief Justice Bhutt came to receive Shri Nathji at the Railway Station. He was barefooted.
Amongst those accompanying him were several members of the judiciary and the bar. As Shri Nathji got out of the train, Justice Bhutt prostrated full length before him in full view of his colleagues. It was a worshipful homage to his Lord and Master. Shri Nathji never forgot that prostration nor the coming of Shri Bhutt barefooted, and narrated it ever afterwards:

“Bhutt Sahib ne jab mujhe Jabalpur bulaayaa to platform par nange paanv chal kar aaye aur apne saare colleagues ke saamne letkar pranaam kiyaa!”

Shri Nathji stayed at the residence of Chief Justice Bhutt, which was a magnificent bungalow with a large lawn and guards at the gate. Mrs. Bhutt’s joy knew no bounds. The people of Jabalpur were enthralled at the presence of Shri Nathji in their midst. The newspapers of the city reported his highly intellectual lectures that at once won the hearts of the judiciary and lawyers and the intellectuals of the city. Shri Nathji had always, ever since the day he wrote “Payaame Muhabbat” at the age of sixteen, been renowned for his irrefutable logic.
Shri Nathji would say:
“Truth is that which can stand by itself regardless of whether people believe in it or not. The sun has come out. If all the eyes remain open, it will not increase the light of the sun.  And if all the eyes remain closed, the light of the sun will not diminish in any way. One plus one is equal to two. It shall remain two regardless of whether millions accept it or no one.”