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Another miracle occurred in the life of Shri G.P. Bhutt as he was appointed the Chief Justice of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur. This was the highest honour that the state and the judiciary could confer on him. Mateshwari had already given him her blessings in August 1958 when he had come to Allahabad. Her words had come true.
A telegram had arrived for Shri Nathji from Justice Bhutt:


Shri Bhutt wished more than ever before that Shri Nathji grace his home as well as the city of Jabalpur, so that he could pay his homage to his Lord and Master.
Shri Nathji was reluctant to go at first because the boys’ examinations were in the offing and also because he had begun writing the book, Daivi Kirne, which would guide mankind for generations to come.
Mateshwari was always worried that the devotional fervour of Bhutt might not find favour in the intellectual circles in which he moved. At first she advised Shri Nathji to not to go to Jabalpur, but rather to call Bhutt to Allahabad and bless him. However, later Mateshwari consented when she found Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt to be very insistent. Gangabai Bhutt had even sent a certain Shri Raverkar, a postmaster at Jabalpur, to bring Shri Nathji to Jabalpur.