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When Chopra had first met Shri Nathji in 1942, he had been a very ordinary man, but ever since he had begun to serve Shri Nathji and have faith in him, his success in the material sphere had gone up by leaps and bounds. He had nothing to do at all, while he obtained a steady income from the coal mines that his brother managed. He had become accustomed to a life of luxury and taken to drinking. Shri Nathji’s presence in the house, though warmly welcomed by him, had placed a restriction on his meat-eating and wine-drinking. Although Shri Nathji never forbade him to eat meat or drink, yet Chopra could not indulge in these habits out of sheer respect for Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji knew what was transpiring in the mind of Chopra and had been thinking of obtaining a separate place to live in. However much before he could take the first step, word reached him from his devotee, Shri Parmeshwari Das, that Shri Chopra had already urged him to find an independent place for Shri Nathji.
It was apparent that Chopra was in a hurry to see Shri Nathji leave his house, so that he could indulge in his material pleasures again and also be rid of the presence of his obnoxious tenants in his drawing room.
Apparently he had forgotten the Divine Grace of Shri Nathji which had not only given him the material prosperity that he enjoyed, but had also sustained his life and the lives of his family members.