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For the first time in many years, Shri Nathji felt completely relaxed at Mussoorie now that the boys’ education had been settled. He began to devote his time to writing, to looking after the house, paying the bills, attending to the complications of the cars and the garages, and generally sitting for long hours in the verandah of Savitri Nivas absorbed in Himself.
Shri Babaji Maharaj had often said to Shri Nathji:

“Betaa sab kuchh logon ko mat baant deeya karo, kabhi apnaa bhee aanand liyaa karo.

“Son, do not give away everything to others. Enjoy your own bliss sometimes!”

This was what Shri Nathji was doing now in the solitude of Mussoorie. It was not only Shri Nathji who appeared relaxed, the house, Savitri Nivas, appeared to wear a relaxed look as well. For years the house had been fretting that Shri Nathji had left it forever. With the settling down of Shri Nathji in the house it was looked after better, and the windows and doors were painted. The walls were whitewashed, the cracks in the plaster filled. The entire house had become like new again.
Mateshwari too was fairly well this time at Mussoorie, and sat either in the verandah making the curtains for the windows or else in her room upstairs, and even occasionally played the harmonium. Due to the poor control of diabetes, Mateshwari was never in normal health and there were always bouts of weakness and other painful symptoms. But on the whole she was feeling better now than ever before.
Shri Nathji would frequently take her to the Rialto Theatre whenever any good film was showing there, and they would even walk together on the Mall Road.
Tiger, the dog, kept Mateshwari company all the time. He would sleep underneath her bed at night, and remain with her either in her room or in the verandah, or any other place that she would go to. Even though it was Priya Nath who fed the dog, yet he remained loyal to Mateshwari alone and never left her side. Mateshwari always said Tiger was some old devotee of hers come back in the form of a dog.