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After Priya Nath had given his final examination for M.Sc. at Allahabad University, in the month of March 1962, Shri Nathji chose to return to Mussoorie.
There was a large group of people who came to see him off at the railway Station. A latent fear existed in their minds that now that the boys’ education was complete at Allahabad, Shri Nathji may not be returning to the city again. And this fear was correct. This was the last time that Shri Nathji’s feet were to be upon the sacred land of Prayag.
Shri Nathji had come to Allahabad in 1958, and had stayed there for four years, going to Mussoorie every summer; but the summer of 1962 was to be a very special summer. Shri Nathji was leaving Allahabad forever. His divine leela upon earth was to be enacted in different spheres now.
How fortunate were those who had secured his darshan and blessings during the time he was at the city, and how much more fortunate those who had got a chance to serve him, and to share in his leela. Indeed, years would pass and this time would never come again, but the fruit of this time would remain for ages to come.
It was for this reason that Shri Nathji had said:

Kheton ko de lo paani ab baih rahi hai Ganga
Kuchh kar lo nau javaanon uthh-tee javaaniyaan hain

Fill the fields with water, here comes the Ganga a-flowing
Avail of this time, O thou blossoming with young age!

Shri Nathji had said:
“There was a king who came into his kingdom disguised as a stranger. The people did not recognise him. Some treated him badly while others were good to him. Later he returned to his throne and called his subjects before him and revealed to them that he was the stranger who had come into their midst. Those who had treated him badly were afraid, and those who had treated him well, were filled with joy.
“Today I come in your midst as a stranger. But one day I shall be on my throne in the fulness of my glory and the whole world shall be before me. Those who treated me in different ways shall merit the rewards they deserve.”