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Chopra had several tenants in small outhouses he had made in the compound adjoining his house. They were relatively poor people, clerks in offices, who lived in one-room tenements with their families. Chopra was always involved in landlord tenant disputes with them and had even filed cases for eviction against some of them. Notable were the three families–the Vig family, the Kapil family, the Joshi family.
The moment they heard about Shri Nathji’s presence at Chopra’s house they began to come for his darshan and blessings there. It was yet another miracle of Shri Nathji that all of them acquired absolute and complete faith in Shri Nathji. Mrs. Vig in particular attained such a state of divine bliss that she would break out into song every time she came before Shri Nathji. There was one occasion when she began dancing with a ‘dholak’ in hand much to the chagrin of Chopra.
Even as these tenants and their children continued to come inside Chopra’s house daily and freely, Chopra could no longer control himself. He had regarded them as his adversaries, and here they were running about freely in his house.
There were times when these people would be sitting before Shri Nathji when Chopra would pull out the main switch and put the lights off. He would even temporarily forget that this would cause discomfort to Shri Nathji in the hot weather. The presence of his tenants within his drawing room had become sheer anathema to him. The awful thought struck his mind that if Shri Nathji continued to stay in his house these persons would have free ingress and egress to his home and he would not be able to stop them.
In his obsession to be free of the tenants’ presence in his home, he began to wish that Shri Nathji leave his house. As Shri Nathji would often say–that so often do worldly considerations hamper a man’s spiritual path and make him forget God.