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It was while Shri Nathji was immersed in meeting people day and night and also attending to the education of the boys and the recurrent illnesses of Mateshwari, that he had begun to write a book that would enlighten humanity for ages to come.
The book had been named “Daivi Kirne” by him. It contained 365 thoughts for peace of mind. Each day carried a separate thought – which was the thought of One who was regarded as God, and which carried the fullness of his power and his blessings. People who read the book would derive not only peace and solace from its pages but they would also experience the direct presence of Shri Nathji speaking to them and giving them his blessings.
It was not a book, but the living presence of Shri Nathji.
The book was to prove to be a miraculous healing balm for many in the years to come. It gave peace to many a wounded heart and brought enlightenment to many immersed in the problems of the world.
He, who read even one thought of the day, found himself strengthened to face the day. The great miracle was that no matter what the problem facing the reader was, he found the answer to it on that very day, in the pages of the book.
It was as if Shri Nathji were reading his innermost thoughts and was providing an answer to apparently unsolvable problems in the life of that person. Never before had such a book been written by anyone. Whoever read the book came to the conclusion that the author could not but be divine.
Shri Nathji sent the book to press and would stand in the open verandah of the hotel reading the rough proofs that came from the press, correcting in meticulous detail each and every full stop or comma, as well as all the spelling errors.
No one in the world could read proofs as accurately as Shri Nathji. It was his fervent wish that the book be printed as soon as possible.