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The entire Universe appeared to be vibrating with a melody that sang the praises of the Lord.
Shri Nathji had written in Persian in his masterpiece “Payaame Muhabbat” that there was not an atom that did not sing the Glory of God.

“Maraa har zarraa zarraate aalam
Ba to raahe visaal mi daanam”

Every atom in the world of atoms
Reveals the way to Union with Him

This was the twentieth century, and any history that would be written of Shri Nathji in the Age of Science would have to contain the inventions, customs, music and literature of the time.
The films had become a powerful influencing force everywhere. They could convey a whole world of meaning to large audiences and touch the hearts of many a person. The film-makers had a uniqueness in them, which could have come only from God. Though they described worldly beauty and worldly love, yet the devotee could translate them into a worship of God.
The world of Hindi film music with its lyrics and songs appeared to have come into existence only to extol the virtues of the Lord upon earth, who was the beauty of every beauty, the glory of every glory, and the driving force of Love.
Mateshwari often loved the film lyrics of those days at Allahabad, which described beauty, and which seemed to her to have been specifically written for Shri Nathji. There was the song from the film, “Chaundhaveen kaa Chaand” in which the lyrics ran as if they had been written in homage to the divine beauty of Shri Nathji:

“Chaundaveen kaa chaand ho yaa aaftaab ho,
Jo bhee ho tum Khudaa ki kasam laa-javaab ho.

“Thou art like the full moon of a beautiful night or like the Sun in all its glory,
Whoever thou art, I swear by God, that thou art without an equal in the world.”

As the song would come to the line that said:

“Sajde tumhaari raah men karti hai kaihkashaan.

“The trees bow down and touch thy feet as thou pass,”

Mateshwari would immediately say:
“Wah! Wah! How beautiful! How truly has the poet written that the whole of Nature bows before the Glory of Shri Nathji!”
Then again there were also the lyrics of another film song that Mateshwari applied to Shri Nathji:

“Teri pyaari pyaari soorat ko kisee ki nazar naa lage, chashme bad-door”

“May no evil eye fall upon Thy beautiful Face! Begone, O harmful sight!”

Shri Nathji had often said: “Nothing in the world is bad in itself and nothing is good. It is we who give these attributes to the things of the world.”
These film lyrics, when applied to Shri Nathji, all at once became full of meaning and beautiful as if they were a perfect homage to his divine beauty.
There was Shri Nathji’s Verse:

“Deedaye zaahir men mere ye jahaan bastaa rahe,
Deedaye baatin men lekin kuchh sivaa tere na ho

Let the world reman before my external eyes to see,
But may my eyes within see none else but Thee!