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Shri Nathji had always called himself Ghulam Rue Zameen, which meant the Servant of the Earth, or more correctly, the Slave of all of Mankind. Shri Nathji would frequently say:
“ I used to call myself a servant before, but then I thought that a servant is one who can resign! I, therefore made myself a slave, because a slave is one who cannot resign!”
Shri Nathji said:
“Is there anyone in the world who will agree to be with you all the time–be at your beck and call each and every moment of the day and night, and be there even when you are asleep?
“And not only be there, but be ever ready to look after you all the time, to save you and protect you, to answer whenever you call out to him, and be present even when you cannot call out to him?
“Further he must not only be with you, he must also be All Powerful so that he can save you from all the troubles of life.
“Even if you were to establish a relationship with a powerful King, he would not deign to be with you all the time, or to be your constant companion for your benefit, or to be at your beck and call, like a slave.
“On the contrary, the more powerful a person is, the less inclined he would be to act as your constant companion. He would be too proud.
“No one in the whole world can be with you all the time–not even your own body. When you are asleep, even your body leaves you. If a snake were to bite you, the body would not even be aware of it.
“Yes there is no one in the whole world who will accept the responsibility of being with you all the time with the sole purpose of protecting you and giving you help. Only he will do this who has come into the world with only this purpose. Yes, he can be only Ghulam Rue Zameen–the Servant of the Earth.
“The air is your servant; it serves you all the time without ever asking anything in return. If the air were to start demanding a price for every breath that you take, no one would be able to afford it.
“The sun is your servant; it rises when your eyes open and sinks when it is time for you to rest. The earth is your slave; it allows you to place your feet upon it all the time. The forces of Nature serve you each and every moment.
“Therefore, He, who created the forces of Nature, must be the Greatest Servant of Mankind.”
There was Shri Nathji’s Persian Verse, which described the above situation perfectly:

Yaareen beguzeen ke bevafaayi na kunad
Dil khastaa turaa dar aashnaayi na kunad
Paibastaa dar aagoshe kinaarat gar dard
Hargiz zato yak gaam judaayi na kunad

Make such a friend in life who will not betray thee,
Who will not break thy heart in love,
Who will ever be by thy side
And never separate from thee for even a moment