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Shri Nathji had said to Justice Rangilal in the early 1930’s:
“How easy life would become for a man who is living in a kingdom where the king is his friend. All his needs in life will then be attended to by the king. If he is in fear, the army of the king will help him, if he is ill, the hospitals of the king will come to his aid, if he needs money, the treasuries of the king will be at his disposal.
“Similarly how easy life would become for a person who has established a relationship with the Creator of the world. It would then become the Creator’s responsibility to look after him. The Creator would then be with him each and every moment of his life like the invisible air!”
“Though prayer was necessary in the initial stages to establish a relationship with him, but prayer was not always possible in emergency situations in life when there was no time to pray. You are walking down the road and a car hits you suddenly. There is no time to pray. If you are saved miraculously or escape with minor injuries you thank God for His kindness.
“But there are many moments in life when no car comes even close to hitting you. At such moments you do not thank God, and forget that even in those accidents that never occurred, there was His Protecting hand. Once you have established a relationship with him, He is always there to save you like the invisible air.
“There are many people who die of sudden heart attacks. Yet there are many that go about their works in life while nothing happens to their hearts. They forget that it is the Divine Power which is with them and is protecting them all the time.”