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Shri Nathji could adjust himself to any life-style in the world. The rooms he had rented at the Royal Hotel were in the backside of the hotel, adjacent to an unkempt lawn. There was no kitchen. The covered verandah at the back of the hotel was converted to a kitchen and Shri Nathji’s servant, Jodh Singh, carried out the cooking.
Shri Nathji had the back lawn cleaned and mowed. He would walk back and forth in it almost daily. The children and Mateshwari would sit out in the sunshine there. Shri Nathji would also meet large groups of devotees sitting in the lawn. People continued to pour in day and night even as Shri Nathji led his life in seclusion at Royal Hotel.
The boys would take cycle rickshaws and go to the University from there every morning, and Shri Nathji would come to see them off and also talk to the rickshaw pullers to ascertain whether they were reliable. He would wait every evening or afternoon dutifully for the boys to return from the University. He would be concerned about the accidents on the roads and ask the rickshaw pullers to drive slowly and with care.
People who did not know Shri Nathji often wondered why he lived in a hotel especially when he had so many devotees in the city. To many his continued stay at the hotel appeared incongruous. However, Shri Nathji’s divine light remained as powerful as ever no matter where he lived at any time.