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By the time that Shri Nathji reached Mussoorie in May 1960 she had become very ill. The boils on her head were discovered to be carbuncles, which had developed because of uncontrolled diabetes. The medical aid in Mussoorie appeared to be inadequate to handle the illness.
But once again by a miracle, Shri Nathji found a highly qualified civil surgeon who was in Mussoorie for the summer vacation. The man served Mateshwari with great devotion until the carbuncles had been cured. However these days had been some of the most painful for Mateshwari.
A pall of gloom seemed to have come over Savitri Nivas with the illness of Mateshwari, However, Shri Nathji celebrated June 23, 1960 as usual, and Mateshwari was even well enough to participate in the function and to sing her song:

“Prabhu mere sharan teri main aayaa,
O Lord, I take refuge in Thee!”

Mateshwari regained some of her original health in the healthful mountain air of Mussoorie and Shri Nathji too appeared rejuvenated. They stayed at Mussoorie for two and a half months and then returned to Allahabad – this time by train. The Ford car was locked up in the garage at Mussoorie from which it had been taken.