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Savitri Nivas appeared to come alive with a new wave of joy even as Shri Nathji entered within the iron gate of the house.
Shri Nathji gave the keys to the verandah to Mateshwari, who unlocked the verandah of the house and entered within first. This had been a routine that Shri Nathji had followed over the years–letting Mateshwari enter the house first.
The house was full of dust and fairly uninhabitable the first night. Mateshwari set about cleaning the house and preparing the kitchen. The old familiar routine was upon her again. The City Board sent its pending bills to Shri Nathji as a gesture of welcome.
Mussoorie appeared to be strangely quiet after nine months in a full-fledged city like Allahabad. Pran Nath had grown to like Allahabad and did not like Mussoorie, as old experiences with nefarious characters of his school days in the town came to his mind. Shri Nathji was at home everywhere and found Mussoorie as congenial as he had found Allahabad.
The red colour of good health began returning to Shri Nathji’s face from the fresh air of Mussoorie, which had always proved beneficial to him. He had lost some weight at Allahabad and appeared weak, but a few days in Mussoorie restored him to his normal radiant self again.