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He was concerned about the admission of Pran Nath and Priya Nath to Allahabad University and spent the greater part of each day in going to the University for that purpose. Sardar Harbhajan Singh Chopra accompanied him wherever he went. There was the maroon coloured Hudson car in which Sardar Harbhajan Singh would drive Shri Nathji and the boys every morning to the University to complete the formalities of admission.
Shri Nathji went to the Registrar’s Office and then to the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Science and spoke to people there.
Even the most taciturn and egotistical people in these offices stood up as a mark of respect when Shri Nathji entered their offices. Many office bearers of the University who had been known to be incorrigibly rude to the students and public became like lambs when Shri Nathji went before them.