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Apart from seeing visitors all day and night long, and speaking endlessly for hours on end, Shri Nathji saw to it that he kept Mateshwari entertained. He knew of her delicate health and the dangers of incipient diabetes that only worsened with sitting for long hours. The devotees would invariably offer sweets to Mateshwari and she would take them out of courtesy, but they would invariably harm her system. Shri Nathji would frequently take Mateshwari and the boys for outings, which would consist of trips to the Palace Theatre or the Niranjan Cinema in the city. Mateshwari liked the films prevalent during those days and it was an excellent diversion for her. Shri Nathji would occasionally take the family to the Kwality Restaurant at Civil Lines for ice cream, as also to the English Book Depot there.
Shri Nathji had ceased to use Chopra’s car and preferred the use of the cycle rickshaws. Perhaps this was his way of giving the richshaw wallahs his blessings, which would be with them for ages to come. Almost all the rickshaw wallahs in the city came to recognise and love Shri Nathji with the passage of time. They eagerly waited for the time when they would drive this magnificent personality in their rickshaws through the streets of Allahabad, ringing their bells to clear the road, as well as to let people see who was riding down the road.