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There was a terrible earthquake in the district of Kangra in 1904, in Punjab. People came to Shri Babaji Maharaj and prayed that such a disaster never strike them again.
And Shri Babaji said, ‘I pray that such an earthquake occur everyday!’
The people were taken aback. And Shri Babaji Maharaj explained.
‘While the earthquake was in progress, the Hindus were saying ‘Ram, Ram!’ the Muslims, ‘Allah! Allah!’ and the Sikhs, ‘Wahguru! Wahguru!’ Everyone was taking the name of God! If it takes an earthquake to make us think of God, then let there be an earthquake every day!
The Ashta Grahi had caused people to sit up and think of God. Perhaps their collective prayers had been heard. God had provided humanity with a wonderful moment of spiritual regeneration.
In any case, what doom could hit the earth whilst the avatar, in the form of Shri Nathji, was on it?