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There was one occasion when Priya Nath was answering his examination paper at Vizianagram Hall, when the invigilator at the hall came to him and asked him whether he was Priya Nath Mehta. When Priya Nath told him he was, the invigilator said:
“Your father has come to the hall. He wishes to see you.”
Priya Nath went to the door of the hall. There he found Shri Nathji standing apologetically on the stairs. Shri Nathji extended his hand and gave Priya Nath his ink bottle saying:
“Piyaji, aapki davaat ghar raih gay thhee! You had left your ink bottle at home!”
Shri Nathji waited until Priya Nath had resumed his seat. Thereafter Shri Nathji thanked the invigilator and left.
Shri Nathji had come rushing from Royal Hotel in a rickshaw with the ink bottle in his hand. He had been worried that Priya Nath would run out of ink while answering his examination paper. And he was right. It was a touching gesture of love and concern which only Shri Nathji was capable of.
Although at the time Priya Nath appeared perplexed at Shri Nathji’s sudden appearance in the examination hall, yet, later, whenever he thought of the incident, tears came into his eyes. It showed the extent of the great love that Shri Nathji had for his children.
As the examinations of the boys gave over in April 1959, Shri Nathji considered returning to Mussoorie for the summer vacations that had begun, and which would last from April to the middle of July 1959.