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Shri Chaman Lal Khosla was the son of Durga Das Khosla, a postmaster at Hoshiarpur, who had known Shri Nathji since the days at Lahore. Shri D.D. Khosla, as he was called, was a pillar of faith. He had often said to Shri Nathji:
“Whenever I come and visit you I feel as if I am in heaven, and when I leave you and go to the world, I feel as if I have come to hell. Your love is so unique and so overpowering that no one ever wishes to be out of its sphere.”
Shri Durga Das Khosla was fascinated by the divine beauty of Shri Nathji, and once wrote a letter to Shri Nathji:
“There are no words with which I can describe your Divine Beauty. There is no doubt about the fact that you are Beauty Personified. I am neither a poet nor a songwriter so I cannot describe your beauty in lyrics of my own. However permit me to write the following lines of a film lyric that I heard over the radio and which appears to describe Thee:

‘Yoon to ham ne laakh haseen dekhe hain
Tumsaa naheen dekhaa
‘Though I have seen thousands endowed with beauty, but there has never been one like Thee!’”

Shri Durga Das Khosla had no doubt in his mind that Shri Nathji was God in human form and he would say this openly before people.