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Shri Nathji had once given a beautiful and simple proof of the existence of God. The example was so simple that even a child could understand it, and yet so profound that intellectuals applauded.
“Think of a man inside a closed room. You cannot see him. You call out to him and ask for an orange, and an orange is thrown out of the window of the room. You then ask for a mango and a mango is thrown out. When you begin to get precise answers to your prayers, you become convinced of the fact that someone is inside the room who is throwing out all the things you had asked for. Then comes a time when you ask for something and he does not throw it out. But you do not doubt his existence. All you can say is that he is in there, but he does not wish to answer your prayers for some reason best known to him.
“Prayers provide the greatest proof of the existence of God. After you have established a relationship with Him, it becomes His responsibility to look after you all the time, even when you have no time to pray in an emergency.”