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The sons of S.K. Joshi had developed intense faith in Shri Nathji, as had their sister, Pinky, who thought of Shri Nathji in each and every breath of life.
Both the sons, Gulshan and Sushil, had joined the army. Sushil Joshi would carry Shri Nathji’s book “Daivi Kirne” in his pocket. There was a time when he was in active battle. A bullet hit him just at the spot where he was carrying Shri Nathji’s book. The bullet stopped in the pages of the book and did not so much as even touch him.
His brother, Gulshan, who had wished to secure a discharge from the army found it almost impossible. However he prayed to Shri Nathji and the impossible happened. His unit was disbanded and he was discharged.