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Justice Bhutt came for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Chopra’s house during those days. He had always been very fond of Priya Nath since his childhood days, and suddenly caught him and made him sit in his lap as if he were still a child!
Mateshwari who was there at the time saw the scene and laughed out loud, saying:

“Bhutt Sahib, aap ko Chief Justice kar diyaa hai! Bhutt Sahib you have been made Chief Justice!”

Bhutt bowed before her with reverence, but added:
“Maa, meraa Chief Justice ban ne kaa koyi chance naheen hai! Divine Mother, there is no chance for me to become Chief Justice!”
Shri Nathji, who was listening, came inside the room and said:

“Bhutt Sahib, agar chance hee hotaa to aasheervaad kyaa karte!

“Bhutt Sahib, if there were a chance, of what use would blessings be!”

Shri Bhutt returned home to join his duties as a judge, his heart thrilling with the blessings he had received, but his intellect still not believing that such a thing was possible. And yet knowing in his heart of hearts that the words of the Divine Mother, Mateshwari, could not be in vain.