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The winter of 1961 was the worst ever in the history of Allahabad. A devotee of Shri Nathji from Nagpur, Shri G.G. Urhekar, had come to Allahabad for Shri Nathji’s darshan and was staying in a dharamsala.
He was not accustomed to cold weather, being from the warm regions of central India. That night the cold wave had intensified and Urhekar discovered that the one blanket he had was not enough. He began to freeze. His body became so cold that he could not move. He felt himself lose consciousness.
And, then, suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light in which Shri Nathji appeared before Urhekar in his room in the Dharamsala and said to him:
“Urhekarji, you had died. But I am bringing you back to life. You shall live for as long as you want to, and leave the world only when you wish!”
Urhekar rushed to Shri Nathji the next day and narrated the events of the night, prostrating before Shri Nathji and thanking him for saving his life, and also for granting him the unusual boon of leaving his body whenever he chose to. Shri Urhekar would always say in the days to come:

“Meri to jaan bhee haazir hai! Even my life is offered to you!”