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Rs.150    Motor Garage
Rs.106    School Fee
Rs.150    Taxes
Rs.573    Motor Instalment due
Rs. 20     Rati Ram
Rs.15      Ramu
Rs.70      Bania
Rs.10      Jamaadaar
Rs.35      Milkman

And yet Shri Nathji could go and purchase even the sky if the children or Mateshwari wanted it. He had the power within him to purchase the whole world. If he curtailed his powers it was only because he wished to play the part of a human to perfection and to show the world that he had passed through the same daily difficulties in life, which they faced.
Whenever Shri Nathji’s devotee, Sahadeva, would be with him at the shops at Mussoorie, he would choose the most expensive saree for Mateshwari, and say to Shri Nathji:
“Huzoor, hamen kafaayat muaafik naheen aati! Huzoor, frugality does not suit us!”
Here was the Lord of the Universe going out as a stranger in the world of mortals, an Emperor disguised as an ordinary man, he who owned the whole world, practising frugality in choosing bits and pieces.
Never before had the world witnessed such an unusual drama.
It was the voice of many a shopkeeper whenever Shri Nathji walked into his shop: “Wah! Wah! Aaj to hamaari dukaan men Bhagwan aa gaye! How wonderful! God has come into our shop today!”
It was a measure of Shri Nathji’s divinity that after he had gone into a shop, that man had the most unusual business of his lifetime on that day. Many a shopkeeper would see Shri Nathji walking on the Mall Road and hail him from a distance or come running to touch his feet and invite him into his shop.
When Shri Nathji renovated the cottage in October 1948 he had had to borrow rupees three thousand from a cloth merchant at Landaur Bazaar. When he offered to give him a post-dated cheque, the man refused and instead sent a legal notice to Shri Nathji demanding his loan back. The advocate who had great respect for Shri Nathji began the legal notice with the words: “Poojyavar Swamiji”, “Worshipful Swamiji”. Shri Nathji soon thereafter paid back the borrowed sum.