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While Shri Nathji was still in Mussoorie in the severe cold of November, burning heaters in the cold bedrooms, and rubbing his hands and fingers to keep them warm, his divine presence was being felt by people everywhere, reaching out even to those who had never met him before.
Sukhdev Vats wrote a letter on the 7th of November 1949 to Shri Nathji from Bombay in which he stated how a Muslim holy man, a peer of great learning, who had thousands of followers of his own, had been affected by the divine light of Shri Nathji at Bombay even when Shri Nathji was not there.
He had felt the living force of Shri Nathji reach out to his soul in Sukhdev’s flat and he simply had to have his deedaar – Shri Nathji’s darshan.
Sukhdev wrote the letter on the letterhead of the famous Muslim peer who was also a professor of Medicine in renowned institutions of the country:

Hazrat Moulana Moulvi Hakeem Peer Madanai Sahib Bahadur,
Member of the Central Standing Committee of the All India Ayurvedic Unani Tibbia Conference Delhi
President of the Anjuman Association Himayathth-thid, Madras
Author, of the Tazkire-e-Madani Madinathul-ilm Uava-I-Madanai etc. etc

“My prostrations in the service of the Lord Bhagwan Prabhu Dev, The Lord of the Universe.
I am writing this letter on the letterhead of a renowned Muslim saint, Peer. Yesterday evening he came to my place. He had a most unusual experience here which has totally overwhelmed him and made him restless for your deedaar-darshan and he has asked me to convey his salaams to your Lordship.
I had given him the bedroom in which your Lordship had slept when you were here. In the middle of the night he called out to me and said: “Sukhdev! Who has slept on this bed!”
I told him about your Lordship and showed him your photograph. He was so overwhelmed that he said to me: “Sukhdev! Set my bed down upon the ground! You should not have given me his bed to sleep in. It is a hallowed thing.”
He was so struck by the divine beauty of your portrait that he said your Divinity was so astonishing that it could not be described in words.
He has prayed that whenever your Lordship comes to Bombay I must inform him by telegram and he will come no matter where he happens to be in India at that time. I am awaiting Thy Lordship’s arrival in Bombay whenever it may please Thee.”
Shri Nathji had often said: “ If God has not to give to anyone, He will not show him His door, but if He shows His door to anyone, He will not send him away empty!”
The time was to come in February 1951 for the Peer to come face to face with Shri Nathji at Bombay.