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Shri Priya Nath fell ill in Delhi with stomach trouble, and Shri Nathji had to call Dr. Nihal Chand, the famous physician of Lahore, to attend to him. It was a matter of great concern to Shri Nathji that Priya Nath fell ill whenever they came to Delhi.
In later years, whenever Priya Nath would ask Shri Nathji:
“Pitaji, why didn’t you make Delhi your home instead of Mussoorie? There were so many hardships in Mussoorie, you were cut off from the devotees of the plains, and an attack had also been made on your life. You could have sold off the Mussoorie house and purchased a house in Delhi instead.”
Shri Nathji would reply:

“Priyaji, jab bhee ham Delhi jaate thhe aap beemaar parr jaate thhe! Issee liye Mussoorie main raihna thheek samjhaa thhaa! Piyaji, whenever we went to Delhi you always fell ill. This was one of the main reasons why we didn’t shift to Delhi and continued to stay on at Mussoorie.”
Such indeed was the love of Shri Nathji for his children that he was prepared to make any sacrifice for their sake.