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One day Shri Nathji went to the Bata Shoe shop at Kulri Bazaar along with Shri Sahadeva and purchased a new pair of shoes. Shri Nathji wore the new pair of shoes as they left the shop, while Sahadeva carried the old shoes of Shri Nathji wrapped in a newspaper.
Shri Nathji decided to take a walk around Camel’s Back Road if only to test the new shoes. As he and Sahadeva came to a turning on the road, which overlooked the hills and valleys to the north, they saw R.R. Khanna standing there, looking at the scene with a pair of binoculars in his hands. The moment he saw Shri Nathji, he came running to him and prostrated at his feet.
He had tears in his eyes as he said:
“There was a time when I used to have your darshan and blessings constantly. But ever since you have given me crores of rupees you have ceased to meet me! I rarely get to see you, and I never get the chance to serve you in any way. Of what use the wealth you have given me, if it has taken you away from me?”
He looked at Sahadeva, who was standing close to Shri Nathji with the old shoes in his hand.
“Sahadevaji,” Khanna said to him, “how fortunate you are to be able to serve your Master! What are you carrying in the newspaper?
“The old shoes of Shri Nathji,” said Sahadeva.
“Sahadevji, do me a favour,” said R.R. Khanna, “here, take these binoculars and look at the mountains. Let me hold Shri Nathji’s shoes for a little while! Let me serve him to this extent today while I have the chance!”
Indeed Shri Nathji had rarely met R.R. Khanna after his sons had become millionaires through his blessings. Anyone who had ever served Shri Nathji in any way found material prosperity running after him.
But alas! If Shri Nathji gave too much of material wealth to any devotee, Shri Nathji disappeared from his life. If Shri Nathji had desired, Khanna could have attended to all his financial needs in Mussoorie. However, Shri Nathji did not so much as mention these difficulties to him and continued to live in the grand style of freedom, which had become his life.
A devotee had once written to Shri Nathji saying; “Please let me know if you need anything.”
And Shri Nathji had written back:
“Thank you for your kind offer. But I already have everything that I need. And that which I do not have, I do not need.”

“Jis cheez ki mujhe zaroorat hai vo mere paas hai, aur jo cheez mere paas naheen uski mujhe zaroorat naheen!”

Shri Nathji often quoted the verse of Shri Babaji Maharaj:

”Mujhe zameeyate khaatir hai pareshaan honaa
Laakh saro-saamaa hai ik be saro-saamaan honaa

It pleases me to remain in perpetual hardship,
Being without possessions is my greatest wealth!