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Shri Nathji would take Mateshwari and the children out to Pusa Garden in the evenings. They would all go in the Standard Car driven by Victor. There, whilst Mateshwari and the children would sit on the grass, Shri Nathji would take a long walk in the darkness of the setting sun.
Shri Nathji would walk with such swiftness that within minutes he would be out of sight. He would be seen re-appearing from some remote corner of the garden even as the minutes ticked by, and then he would just as swiftly zip past and disappear again.
Shri Nathji was amongst the fastest walkers in the world. In Mussoorie his devotees had to run to keep pace with him on the Mall Road. In the garden he frequently walked alone so that no one would have to make the effort of keeping up with him.
There was a time when Shakuntala Mehra had also come to the garden along with her daughters. Bhutt and Gangabai Bhutt were also there.
All of them sat in a circle to play the Punjabi game, “Kokhlaa Chappaati” where one player would go around the others sitting on the ground, and tap one of them on the back, – and that person would then get up and chase the first player, both of them running in a circle around the sitting group.