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Here was Shri Nathji living with the full regalia of a king, with a zero bank balance, which was frequently overdrawn, and yet owning the treasuries of the world. He would frequently say to his devotees:
“Do not ask of the world! If you are in need, come to me! Do not worry if your purses are empty, look at the infinite bank balance I hold for you!”
Shri Nathji would also say:
“There are two persons who do not have any money in their pockets. The first is a beggar, whose pocket is empty because he has nothing. And the second is an Emperor, who carries no money on his person, but who has the entire treasury of the kingdom at his command! In a like manner I have the entire wealth of the world at my command and can use it whenever I want to!”
Shri Nathji said: “Would you like to know the extent of my wealth?  Then listen! Every man who serves the world gives peace in some way or the other and in return he draws a salary for his services. You work in your office or your business because your work contributes to peace in your office, in your home, in your city, in your country. Therefore every person in the world is paid indirectly for the work of maintaining peace and harmony in the world. The leaders of the country have salaries commensurate with their work. A Prime Minister or a President draws his salary for the work he does of maintaining peace in the country on a large scale.
“I am giving peace to the whole world. Will I not have a salary in accordance with the job that I am doing? Who can measure the extent of such a salary!”
“And what of my spiritual wealth? All the actions that I perform are for the salvation of mankind. The fruit of my karmas is immeasurable. Where will this wealth go? I do not need it in this birth. I shall not be taking another birth. Shall I tell you where this wealth will go? It will be distributed upon you all!”
In moments of divine exultation Shri Nathji would say:

“Peetaa hoon noor har dam jaame saroor paiham
Hai aasmaan pyaalaa vo sharaabe noor vaalaa
Hai jee man apne aataa doon jo hai jisko bhaataa
Haathi ghulaam ghore, zevar zameen jore
Le jo hai jisko bhaataa, maange bagair daataa

I drink of Divine Glory from the Cup of Bliss
The sky is the Vessel of Intoxicating Light above,
It is my wish to give to him who doth desire–
Elephants, horses, and slaves, jewels, lands and finery
Come, take what thou willst, the Giver is giving unasked!”