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Shri Nathji had barely stayed in Calcutta for a short while when he started receiving trunk calls from devotees in Nagpur who wished him to grace their City.
Mangal Das Pakvasa was on the phone. He was the Governor of the Central Provinces where Nagpur was located. He had heard about Shri Nathji from Ravi Shanker Shukla the Chief Minister of the State. The Shukla family had known Shri Nathji ever since his days at Lahore and his visit to Raipur in 1937. Sharda Bahen the sister of Dandewali was also at Nagpur and she was foremost amongst the devotees who wished to bring Shri Nathji there.
Shri Nathji had come to Calcutta, which was close to Allahabad, and wished to return to Mateshwari and the children. He was reluctant to go to Nagpur at that time.