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Shri Nathji stayed with Shri Harshad Rai H. Pathak of the Jeevan Lal Company at Calcutta where numerous people came for his darshan. Shri Nathji met everyone in accordance with the belief that they had in him. Shri Harshad Lal marvelled at the devotion of the Bhutts in Shri Nathji and also at the devotion of Shyam Lal. He would say to Shri Nathji:
“Your love is so overpowering that all your devotees are completely submerged in it! You are undoubtedly God Incarnate – Saakshaat Bhagwan! You are everything to me! Prabhuji mere aap sab kuchh hain!”
Whenever Shri Nathji would meet anyone, Shri Nathji would say:
This relationship between us is immortal. The time for our meeting was pre-destined, from the beginning of Creation. You cannot forget me even if you try. The more you try to forget me, the more you will have to remember me. And if you have to remember me – in order to forget me – then how can you forget me?
“You were in the dark. I threw a light on your face. For a while you wondered where the light came from, but when your gaze fixed itself in the direction of the beam, I turned it upon my own­ face and you saw me!