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People were astonished at the state of absolute fearlessness of Shri Babaji Maharaj. No sorrow in the world could shake him; nothing in the world could make him afraid; the worries of the world did not exist for him. He was lost in a world of bliss and was giving bliss to others with an unbounded benevolence. He was happy and content in all circumstances of life. The sorrows of the world could not touch him. Whatever came before Shri Babaji Maharaj was a manifestation of the Will of God and therefore he was happy in it.
He often said:

Ghame duniyaa kaa guzaaraa mere maskan men naheen
Ashke maatam ki jagah deedaye roshan men naheen

The sorrows of the world cannot dwell within my heart,
Tears of mourning can have no place in eyes illuminated with Light

Azeen masaayibe dauraan manaalo shaadaan baash
Ke teere dost ba paihluye dost mi aayad

Be not afraid of the sorrows of the world, be joyful instead!
For it is the arrow of a friend that comes to the embrace of a friend.