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Shri Babaji Maharaj had annihilated his I and God had entered within him. He now lived in the world and performed his worldly tasks with an apparent worldly I which was associated with his body and which was necessary in order to live in the world. The worldly I was merely an assumed I and had no reality of its own. It was like the I of an actor who plays the part he is ordained to play, knowing that such an I does not exist in reality. For example the actor plays the role of Julius Caesar and uses the stage I of Julius Caesar to perfect his part onstage. But he does so in an absolutely detached manner knowing that such an I does not exist at all.  In his mind he has annihilated the I of Julius Caesar and knows of his real I which will exist long after the drama is over and the curtain has fallen. It is his real I which is associated with the Director of the Play who has given him the part to play.