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The Everlasting had come down to the Earth as a mortal. And within the mortal frame he experienced the pangs of death at the age of thirteen. This was to reveal to him the sorrow of the world of mortals. This was to produce within him an unending flood of compassion for the people of the earth. And he told himself that it was necessary for him to live for many more years to release mankind from suffering.
The painful sting of Death lay in wait for all mortals. No philosophy or science could save man from this inevitable dreadful experience. Salvation could come only from Divine Grace. And this was what Shri Nathji had brought with him into the world of the living. Mahatmas, saints and sages could only reveal the path to salvation, they could only point to the goal–but Shri Nathji brought salvation down to earth, he carried the goal with himself.
Since mortals could not reach up to an invisible God, he came down to them in a visible form. They could not attain salvation so he brought salvation down to them.