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All who came to Shri Nathji felt an overpowering sensation of Love. People would burst into tears when they came before him, and also when they parted from him. Railway stations would be full of the sight of weeping multitudes as they parted from Shri Nathji. It was as if Shri Nathji was their nearest and dearest one. Shri Nathji came to known as ‘Premavatar’ –the Incarnation of Love.
He often said in Persian:

Kaare bagair ishq na daarem dar jahaan
Ishq ast kaare maa va badeen kaar aamdem
I have no mission except Love in this world,
My mission is Love and my work is Love

Signs of Shri Nathji’s greatness were fully evident from the time of his birth. It was as if an Emperor had entered his Kingdom in the guise of a commoner, but the majestic bearing of the ruler was difficult to conceal.
He would say to people:
I am a very old companion of yours,
I know you but you do not know me!”
“I was your companion even before the Universe came into existence.