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Shri Nathji, who was the living epitome of simplicity and innocence despite his unlimited knowledge and wisdom, had not fathomed the hurt that existed in the minds of Ram Rattan Khanna and his wife Gyan Devi at his marriage to Savitri Devi.
All these years they had been hoping that Shri Nathji would choose one of their daughters for marriage. However Shri Nathji had left the decision to Shri Babaji Maharaj, who had chosen Savitri Devi.
R.R. Khanna had tried to hide his hurt by saying: O, well, Shri Nathji has chosen a girl from a Khanna family anyway. He was referring to Lala Hargopal Khanna, the father of Mateshwari who was also from the Khanna clan of the Punjab.
Immediately after his marriage, Shri Nathji had come from Lahore to Lucknow on his way to Dehra Dun. He had thought that the Khanna household would be thrilled on seeing him come with his bride.
On the level of worldly etiquette, Shri Nathji had his misgivings about staying at Khanna’s house. But Veeran Devi, who was accompanying them, insisted that it would be all right.
Shri Nathji and Mateshwari stayed at the house of Khanna. But the atmosphere there was surcharged with a feeling of great anguish.  Even though they worshipped Shri Nathji as always and had the same degree of faith in him as before, yet a feeling of rejection had set in their hearts. The wife of R.R. Khanna could not control herself and wept openly before Shri Nathji and Mateshwari, beating her breasts, as in the act of mourning, known as “pittna” in the Punjab. Shri Nathji was deeply affected by this episode and would recall it ever afterwards.
Shri Nathji had always said that a seeker after Truth must not ask anything of God except God, and that he must be content with the Divine Will and take happiness in it. However there was the saying: The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And all human beings were subject to human weaknesses in various degrees, whether it was envy, jealously or a sense of rejection.
Shri Nathji assured Khanna that he had the same place in his heart as before, and that a spiritual relationship was more important than a worldly relationship. However Khanna was never the same as he used to be before, even though he tried very hard to rise above worldly feelings. His faith remained as firm as ever, but its fervour was clouded.