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It was June 8, 1942 and Shri Nathji continued to stay at Allahabad. The pain in his arm began to get worse and worse even as he exerted himself day and night in the excruciating heat. Mateshwari became very concerned for his health. Everyone suggested that Shri Nathji go to the hills in a cooler climate where he could gain a respite from the crowds and rest for a while.
However, despite the fact that Shri Nathji had his own house at Dehra Dun which was much cooler than Allahabad, and from where Mussoorie was a mere twenty miles, Shri Nathji preferred to not to go to Dehra Dun or Mussoorie. This was because of the acute mental agony that Mateshwari felt whenever she was in the midst of Prem Nath and his wife and family, who would even follow Shri Nathji to Mussoorie.
And thus it was decided that Shri Nathji, Mateshwari and the children, along with Sardar Basant Singh and the Kasera brothers, would go to the hill station of Naini Tal where a rented house was arranged. This was to be Shri Nathji’s excuse to bless the city of Naini Tal.