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After her marriage to Shri Nathji, Savitri Devi came to be known as Mateshwari–the Divine Mother of the Universe. Mateshwari was now with Shri Nathji on the physical plane upon earth. She had now assumed a power of her own that came from the seat that she was now occupying.
Shri Nathji would often give an example:
Before a person is chosen as a Prime Minister he is an ordinary man, but the moment he is elected for the post the power that accompanies the seat goes to him!
With the coming of Mateshwari, Shri Nathji became complete.
Mateshwari had the heart of a mother and all the people in the world were her children. She would often plead with Shri Nathji to look to the sufferings of the world. She, herself, would serve Nathji devotedly. After her coming, Shri Nathji’s health began to improve; his hours became regulated, and he had the comforts of a home life, so essential for his well-being. Mateshwari was keeping Shri Nathji fit for the service of the world.
Immediately after his marriage, more and more people came to accept Shri Nathji as the Avatar. Mateshwari, herself, never doubted Shri Nathji’s divinity for even a brief moment.
A devotee of Shri Nathji once said:
One of the greatest proofs of Shri Nathji being the avatar is the absolute faith that Mateshwari has in his divinity. A wife living close to her husband all the time knows his weaknesses very well. And, if she accepts him as God incarnate all the time, then he must be God!
Nanva Ram Advocate at Lahore, would often say:
The devotion of Mateshwari towards Shri Nathji is the highest form of devotion. No devotee can come close to it. She lives with Shri Nathji twenty-four hours of the day and understands him in all his forms. No devotee can ever have this privilege. Hers is the devotion of Radha towards Krishna. It is a life of constant service and sacrifice.
As Shri Nathji would say in Persian:

Bishkanad daste ke kham dar khidmate yaare nashud,
Kor beh chashme ke lazzatgeer deedaare na shud
The hands are better broken if they have not served Thee,
The eyes are better blind, if they have not seen Thee

Not everyone in the world had the privilege of serving God directly.
In Mateshwari’s words to Shri Nathji:
I have never served you, taking you to be a mere human. I have always seen God in you. And, if this feeling should ever fade, it shall pain me more than the sting of death itself!
After the marriage of Savitri Devi to Shri Nathji, her entire family, which consisted of her father, brothers and sisters, began to have great respect for her. All her sisters and brothers -with the exception of one- would touch Mateshwari’s feet. There were even moments when Lala Hargopal Khanna would refer to his own daughter, Savitri Devi, as Mataji meaning “Mother”. When Mateshwari would protest at this, he would say that he was saluting the divine throne that she was occupying. He, would, however, be very concerned at the large numbers of people who came for Shri Nathji’s darshan and would always advise Shri Nathji to not to bring Mateshwari too openly into public view, and to never allow devotees to enter into their private chambers. He would add his words of caution: Granted that she is considered to be the Divine Mother –Jagatmaataa – but every person amongst the multitudes must also look upon her with that feeling.”