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Smt. Veeran Devi’s son, Sardarilal, had once boarded a train in haste. He was on his way to Jullunder. The crowds were unusually thick. He had no reservation, and was forced to hang out of the door of the compartment, his foot barely resting on the foot-rest beneath the door. The train began to move. He pleaded with the passenger­s inside to make room for him, but the crush of human bodies was such that not an inch of space was available. The wind rushed against his body as the train proceeded with great speed. Sudden­ly, he saw a train coming from the opposite direction. He was seized by terror. What if he were to be crushed between the two trains?
Sardarilal had always made it a habit of reading Shri Nathji’s four-page Message of Peace “Shanti Sandesh” as part of his morning prayers. Now as he saw apparent Death approaching him, suddenly the air around him began to echo with Shri Nathji’s voice as he recited a passage in his Message of Peace:

“Too kyon ghabraataa hai? Kyaa too Khudaa kaa naheen? Kyaa Khudaa teraa naheen? Ye yaad tujhe har museebat se rihaa kar degi!
“Why are you afraid? Do you not belong to God? And is He not yours? This thought will cleanse your mind in every trouble.”

As the trains came closer and closer, he screamed out loud: Nathji! Save me! The sound was hardly audible to the passengers within because of the noise of the engines. But, all of a sudden, by a miracle, the people at the entrance made way, and he found himself inside the compartment safe and alive.
He thanked Shri Nathji in his heart, and upon reaching his destination, he immediately sent a letter to Shri Nathji, thanking him in words as well.