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There also came a poor weaver woman, carrying with her a small gift of her life’s earnings. It was but a length of the cotton she had woven – “dhaayi atti”.  
Ultimately no one could purchase Yusuf, neither the wealthy queens, nor the poor woman with her “dhaayi atti” of cotton.
The people gathered there said to the poor woman, “Foolish woman! How could you even think of purchasing Yusuf with such a trifling offering of dhaayi atti of woven cotton!”
The poor woman said to them: “The others could not purchase him either, even with their riches. Therefore, they and I are equal! Let Yusuf not think that I had no desire to own him!
“Even if I cannot purchase him, I can have my name included in the list of those who wish to buy Yusuf.
“Main khareed naheen sakti to khareed daaron men apnaa naam to likhaa sakti hoon!”
Similarly, the lovers of God must be ever ready for God, with whatever little they possess, materially or spiritually. Let all have their names included in the list of those who would care to make God their own!