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During those days a beautiful portrait of Shri Nathji was made by a photographer of Naini Tal in 1942. It showed Shri Nathji with a head bandanna-a sar kaa rumaal-and an achkan, standing, with the skies behind him. The portrait was that of a Divine Being having descended from the heavens. Whoever saw the picture afterwards was at once filled with deep faith and reverence. Never before had a more beautiful prophet, avatar, saviour or messiah appeared before the world. Blessed was the photographer who made the picture, which was to remain in history as yet another sign of Shri Nathji’s divinity.
In the photograph was personified Shri Nathji’s Persian Verse:

Gar che zamaane na bavad guzashto daure rasul
Vali zahoore valaayat dareen zamaanaye maast

The age of the prophets and messiahs has gone,
It is the time now for my manifestation!

Many years later, in December 1976, that portrait was to adorn the cover of The Secret of Death, a book of Shri Nathji printed in America. Above the picture were the words:Entering the Spiritual Realm. The publishers in America, CSA Press, who had been sent various pictures of Shri Nathji, had found this portrait to be the most fascinating of all. It brought one back to those monsoon months of 1942 when Shri Nathji was at Naini Tal.
The photographer shot yet another picture of Shri Nathji in the same dress-the headdress, the achkan, and flowing white open pyjamas. It was the only portrait of Shri Nathji in which he was shown wearing open pyjamas in contrast to his usual chooridaar pyjamas. Shri Nathji was shown sitting upon a chair, with Pran Nath, his two-year-old son standing beside him.