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Mateshwari’s elder sister, Veeran Devi, who was about fifteen years older than Mateshwari, had become a widow at a very young age. There was a time when she had seen Shri Nathji as Lord Krishna in each and every leaf of a tree that appeared before her.
After her sister’s marriage to Shri Nathji, she decided to dedicate her life to the service of Mateshwari and Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji had granted an infinite amount of courage and faith to this frail old lady, and she had numerous incidents to relate of Shri Nathji’s spiritual power. She often used to say:
Ever since the divine grace- kripaa- of Shri Nathji has been showered upon me, I can state with absolute certainty that I have become fearless. Nothing in life frightens me or worries me any longer!
She knew fully well that Shri Nathji would always be surrounded by a sea of humanity, and Mateshwari would need someone to help her with the household work and other duties. She decided to dedicate her entire life to serving her younger sister Mateshwari and her husband Shri Nathji, and thereafter remained with Mateshwari and Shri Nathji for over forty years till the last moments of her life in 1983.
It was Shri Nathji’s greatness that he remembered even the smallest acts of those who were associated with him in any way whatsoever. There was the time when Shri Nathji was getting into a car at Lahore, and he had called out to Sardarilal, Veeran Devi’s son. The man was in the act of putting on his shoes, but the moment he heard Shri Nathji calling out to him, he ran into the car, the shoes in hand! Shri Nathji never forgot the incident and would relate it fondly ever afterwards as an exemplary act of obedience to the Master’s call.