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Shri Nathji’s verse would ring out whenever he ventured forth into the world of mortals, dressed royally like a Maharaja:Bhes badle maihfile agyaar men baitthe hain hamDisguised I sit amongst the gathering of strangers, And:Anokhi shaan hai saare zamaane se niraale hainWhat Glory is Thine, different from the rest of the worldWhenever Shri Nathji would walk in the streets, people would be compelled to stare at him–not only at his dress, but at the powerful royal bearing of the Great Master, the Lord of Light, the Lord of the Universe, come down upon earth as a mortal amongst mortals. Shri Nathji gave humanity ample opportunity to recognise him, by the mode of his dress as well as by the sheer beauty of his personality.