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There was Dr. Gode, the head of the department of Anaesthesiology, who came to examine Shri Nathji in his room. He took Shri Nathji’s pulse and blood pressure and examined his ECG, which had been taken earlier by a certain Dr. Sagheer, and said:“Aap jaisee mahaan aatmaaon ke yahaan hone se saaraa hospital pavitra ho gaya.” “The presence of a Great Soul like yourself has purified the entire hospital!”And Shri Nathji says: “I have come to serve you!”“MAUT KAA MERE OOPAR ADHIKAAR NAHEEN HAI. “DEATH CAN HAVE NO CLAIM UPON ME, NOR UPON MY DEVOTEES.”Shri Nathji also speaks lovingly to Dr. Wadhwa as he visits him in the room, and tells him:“Kaun jaanta hai mere yahaan aane kaa kyaa rahasya hai – kaunsi aatmaaon ko mere darshan hone thhe!“Who knows what the secret of my coming here is, and how many souls were to have my darshan!”As the date for the operation draws near, Priya Nath uses his camera to take photographs of Shri Nathji in his hospital bed, and embraces his dear beloved ‘Pitiji’, as he calls him.“Priya Nathji ne mujhe “Shri Priya Nathji has warned me that he is living in the world only for my sake and desires nothing else.”““THE ENTIRE HOSPITAL HAS BECOME LIKE A TEMPLE!”Indeed, with the coming of Shri Nathji into the hospital, a divine atmosphere of cheer and hope had entered its corridors and wards. Perhaps many a dying person received his benedictions without even being aware of them.