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Priya Nath looks out of the window of the hospital at the traffic on the streets and the people moving about. What a different world that appears to be as viewed from a hospital room. It was a different world in the hospital altogether–a world of ill health and disease, hope and despair, a world where people lay in wait hoping that good health would be restored to them.“Shukar kar beemaar naheen hai!If a person were gravely ill, then nothing in the world appeared to have any significance for him. He had just one goal left in life–and that was to get well. Even the ordinary mercies of life like getting up and walking became rarities for one who was sick and in bed.“Shri Nathji is God–He is “Vahi Rabb hain! Chaahe kuchh bhee roop dhaaran karen.”The wife of Brigadier Talwar relates her own experiences of the past few days. She says to Shri Nathji: