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Shri Vasudeva arranged for a meeting in the V.I.P. section with the Institute’s top urologist, Dr. Surinder Man Singh. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath went there in Vasudeva’s car. “Mardmanash az hamaa pakeezaa tarThose with a purity of the soulShri Nathji’s visit to the Institute became clear. It was the purity of Dr. Surinder Man Singh’s soul that had brought him there.“Ham ne aapki sevaa nahenen kee. Aap ki qadar naheen kee. Har vakt larrte raihte thhe. Ye sab hamaari vajah se huaa hai!”“I did not serve thee as well as I should have. I did not take full care of you. I frequently quarrelled with you like a son with his father. All this is the result of my negligence.”Shri Nathji would console Priya Nath and say:“Aaap jaisaa khyaal kaun meraa rakh saktaa hai. Aapki hee vajah se main assi, 80, saal ki umar tak jee liyaa. Babaji to tehattar, 73, saal ki umar men chale gaye thhe.”“Who could have looked after me more than you! It is due to your care that I have lived for so long till the age of 80. Babaji passed away at the age of 73.”But Priya Nath could not forget what Shri Nathji had once told him about the passing away of Babaji.