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It was while the dance of Shri Nathji was in progress that Priya Nath embraced him and burst out into loud sobs. Here was the bravest, most loving human being upon earth, Shri Nathji, the Divine Being in human form, whose Love was so great and so over-powering that it overwhelmed everyone; who lived only to love others, who performed every action in life only to please others. If he wrote, it was only to give happiness to others; if he spoke to them or embraced them or patted them on their backs, it was only to give of His love. Truly had he said:“Kaare baghair ishq naa daarem dar jahaan,“I have no mission except love in this world,How meticulously he dressed to give happiness to others; how beautifully he wrapped the turban around his head or the head bandanna only so that he may appear in a pleasing form. Each and every moment of his life was meant for the world. He had come with an infinite ocean of Love in His heart and was showering its drops wherever He went.