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The one who enjoyed the ghazals most was Shri Nathji himself. He would clap his hands with joy and sway with the rhythm, and sometimes even get up and dance as Priya Nath played the recordings of his ghazals on the tape recorder. “Wah! Piyaji! Kamaal ki ghazal gaayi hai! Duniyaa sune to mast ho jaaye! In ghazalon ko baahar nikalnaa chaahiye!“Wonderful! Piyaji! What a fascinating tune you have composed. The world would be intoxicated if it listened to it! These ghazals must go out to the people of the world!”However, for Priya Nath the greatest joy was seeing Shri Nathji lose himself in ecstasy. He composed the tunes and sang the ghazals only for Shri Nathji, and was filled with deep happiness when Shri Nathji had heard them and liked them. Priya Nath was a singer and composer whose art existed only for a one-man audience–Shri Nathji.