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Dilip Sardeshmukh, who had witnessed the glory of Shri Nathji at the OISCA meeting is thankful to Shri Nathji that he had stayed on. However very shortly, therafter, the lure of the material world becomes strong. His father, instead of encouraging him to go on staying with Shri Nathji, urges him to return home to Bhusawal. And one day, acting upon Shri Nathji’s words that he had given him permission to go, he simply leaves early in the morning without informing Shri Nathji or Priya Nath. When Shri Nathji learns of the clandestine departure he is grieved. He had wished that he call the young boy to himself and give him his full share of blessings before he left. It was an act that was to cause endless remorse to Dilip and his father for many years afterwards.“Ab jeevit vastu aayi hai. Darshan kar lo zyaadaa se zyaadaa. Moortiyaan aur photo to vaise bhi raihte hain. Dil men to main rahtaa hi hoon, magar shareer ka kyaa mahatva huaa agar darshan naa hon!“Today a living personality has come before you. Take his darshan as often as you can. Idols and pictures will always be with you. Even though I am in your heart–but of what use my coming in human form if you cannot take my darshan?” Little did the devotees then realise how true Shri Nathji’s words were going to be when he would no longer be in their midst.