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The door of the house gets stuck for some reason as the lock refuses to open for a few minutes, while Shri Nathji and Priya Nath wait inside to come out! “Rahe phoola phalaa ye chaman meri ummeedon kaa“May this garden of my hopes bloom forever, Indeed Shri Nathji had poured out his life’s blood into his devotees and had high expectations from them. As he would often say:“Ai duniyaa vaalo gaur se sun lo, O people of the world, listen with care, to the proclamation of Bal Bhagat,Nath Bhole of MussoorieNath Bhole Mussoorie vaaleSun lo pyaaro, ye Khudaa hain, Listen, O dear ones! He is Khudaa, Yehi Ram hain, yehi Krishna hain,He is Rama, He is Krishna,